Tuesday, December 22, 2009

12 Days of Holiday Projects ~ Day 10

Well, as you might know, I'm very much under the weather.. I hope I'm better for Christmas. My doctor said that I'm on the wrong antibiotic (for too long also), and that I should be fine by Christmas (here's hoping). I really could not stamp today, but tomorrow, my is my daughter's last day before her Christmas break. We purchased this smores kit and it needed a gift tag.

Many of our gifts this year are handmade. I'll post some of them after Christmas (can't take a chance someone might peek). My daughter has really enjoyed Christmas so far, because we have hand painted some gifts that we can fill with goodies. There is something about a handmade gift that's so special.

Anyway, this tag was colored with my watercolor pencils, and a waterbrush by my 5 year old. She did a really good job writing her teacher's name (proud mama). In many ways, this is the most beautiful project of the week. The care and joy put in by my 5 year old, makes this beautiful. I hope she draws me a picture for Christmas ~ or something to that effect. She really is my sunshine, and although i'm feeling under the weather, she reminded me all day to get plenty of liquids.. She's taking care of her mom. so cool.

Even if I am sick, that's the best Christmas gift a mom could ever get. A really good kid. Be nice to your kids & remember they will pick the retirement home.


RDH said...

Oh Selene....I do hope you are better for Christmas. Those antibiotics should be kicking in soon. Drink plenty of liquids, and take your meds. Try not to stress too much. Feel better soon.
Heather RDH