Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Stamp Out Breast Cancer 2012 ~ Results!

What a beautiful day we had at this year's stamp out Breast Cancer Event!  So far, we have raised over $3800 for Breast Cancer!   Here's a photo of the hall around 12:30.  After that it got too busy! There were actually people waiting to sit down at the 16 person stations.  

It was truly a family affair, with husbands and children and families.  Everyone helped in some way!

Here are the names of the volunteers at this event:
Regina Maginnis, Christine Crutcher, Shawna Lamarche, Joanne Cardone, Marilyn SanClemente, Lisa Fuller, Tami White, Jeanne Neilson, Diane Garoffolo, Margaret Galvez, Christine Swiridowsky, Sharon MacKinnon.  Plus our mom's, children, family, my hubby.. What a day!  So here we go...

This is Sharon MacKinnon with the donated Pizza's from Romano's Pizza of Dracut. They donated 10 delicious pizzas for the event!

Everyone dawned the pink that day to celebrate!

These are the gifts I made for all the volunteers and speakers.  I found the mugs at the dollar store and spent some time embellishing them.

This is one of the volunteers Diane Giarrusso, posing with my daughter Alexis.

Shawna Lamarche and Joanne Cardone ran one of the stations.  Here's a picture of Shawna.

...and this is Joanne Cardone.

Diane Giarrusso and Tami ran another station.  This is Tami White, don't cha just love that smile?

Christine Crutcher and Regina Maginnis.  They always pair up and do such a great job!

 Cupcakes were provided by Amanda Panda Party of Dracut. 

 This is my mom and Tami White's mom Sharon.  They took care of the registrations and front table and did such a wondeful job!  They spent the day chatting and knitting in between registrations and we couldn't have done it without them.

 Here is Diane again with her lovely daughter. 
 There were all kinds of stampin up displays, this is my display.
 The door prizes were amazing!  This is the home brewer with 4 packs of coffee courtesy of Kurig.com and Colleen Reddy.  Thanks Colleen for getting us this prize!  We also gave away a FULL set of all the ink pads in every color, a big shot, and a prize basket including everything you needed to make the card set including a paper cutter and score board.  What an amazing prize!
 Couldn't resist showing this one.  The children in the room made the day for me.  It was awesome to see new friendships blooming.
 We had SUPER inspirational talks from survivors! 
Delicious sweets for the sweet!
 Here's another mother/daughter duo, Joanne and Jessica Cardone. 
There are so many things I missed here, that happened that day, but this is what I could capture during the time I had.

Here is more information.  If YOU or someone you know has cancer, there is a 24 hour hotline that you can call to ask ANY question.

The 24 hour hotline phone number is 1-800-227-2345.  Early detection is the KEY.  Do not put off getting checked if you have something going on.  Through the American Cancer Society there are many programs that many people do not know about.

For Breast Cancer Survivors:
Reach to Recovery ~ Breast Cancer Survivors contacting patents to give them someone to talk to who’s been through what they are going through.
Fund Breast Cancer Research ~ American cancer society has been involved in the most of the major cancer break through’s in the last 50-60 years.
Advocacy and Education ~ ship out thousands upon thousands of pamphlets on early detection.

For all Cancer Patients:
Road to recovery program ~ rides to treatments
Wig Banks to provide a wig to cancer patients who don’t have insurance or if your insurance won’t cover it.
Look good feel better ~ licensed cosmetologists teach make up classes for patients in active treatments for appearance related side effects. 
The money that is raised in Boston mostly stays in Boston, but there are making strides groups all across the country.  

These services are there because of fundraisers.  To everyone who contributed to our team in any way, thank you!  If you missed it and would still like to make a donation, click here to visit our team page.   

Much love to you all,

Selene Kempton