Wednesday, October 31, 2012

10/31 Stylin Snowfolk, Seasonal Sayings and Angry Birds Punch Art Treats for School! ~ 25 Days of Christmas Day 8

Good Morning Friends and Happy Halloween! 

I am continuing the 25 days of Christmas projects here today.  I made this card after playing with my daughters Angry Birds Treats that went to school today.  So I'll quickly talk about this Stylin Sistah, then we'll talk about the angry birds, okay?  :)

This could be my Halloween Costume.  A self portrait of me as a snow woman!  :)   The "Peace on Earth" and snowflakes, along with the snow on the ground is just the illuminate stamp pad!  I love the color it makes on regular cardstock, and there's no heat setting required if you use it by itself!  Yea!

The colors of this were inspired by the treats I just sent off to school with my little pumpkin (who is rockin her witch costume today).

Anyway.  There are a lot of little pieces to this.  I LOVE the shaker ball eyes from the mini. I know they are intended for Halloween projects, but don't cha' think they look good on my stylin' mama? 

I stamped all the black with stazon, and the colors with markers.  I cut out the pieces.  I also made a scarf, but since it **just** started snowing on my card and the grass is still green, she wen without the scarf.  The carrot nose is cut and pieced onto my diva snowchick and so is the cute hat with the big pink flower.  The flower die used on the paper below it, mirrors the flower in her hat! So fun to make, and I love all the little pieces!

This stamp set has 22 stamps in all.  it's a really cute set!  You can build your snow person to be whomever he/she is supposed to be!  :)  Wicked cute!
So I'm really excited this morning to share some other goodies that just went out the door.  My daughter was SO excited when she left for school this morning.

When she got up, they were finally finished!  The "Angry Birds" treat boxes that we all made together.  She cut the boxes, and did some punching. Dad and I really spent some time on these.

So now you must be really ready to see them, are ya? :)

So, here is our Angry Bird Army, getting ready to be stuffed to the gills with peanut free treats!
 Here's a better view so you can see some of the details.
 And here is Dad's.  We put a few more things in his.  The kids each got bubbles in the shape of an eyeball (of course), rice crispy treats, two twizzlers, and a pack of the Welches Fruit Snacks.

There's no way these would have been finished without my big, strong, handsome hubby to help me with all that punching!  He even skipped his favorite TV show last night to help me knock these out. 

There's all sorts of shapes in there. Circles, flower petals (that I cut down). The top of the yellow bird's head I cut with scissors about 8-10 times, then black marker to make the top of the "fuzz". The eyebrows are a candle from the cupcake punch. The red guy has a heart glued behind his head for the feather. The beaks are another flower punch that I cut down. And LOTS of shaker ball eyes.

The box itself is the Fancy favor box, and Alexis cut all of those out by herself.

The green paper was cut from a 3 inch square, then I just took my exacto knife and made the ground.  Two I just made the slice, then could use the both halves.  Does that make sense?

Well, I hope you and yours have a very Happy Halloween!  and see!  I still got a Christmas post in on Halloween!  I hope that all the Christmas ideas will help you with your holiday projects.  :)

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