Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Been A Busy Little Bee

I will post more info on the Ronald McDonald House event, but all the donations have not been received yet. In the mean time, i was thinking I'd show you a class that's coming! At this class, you would make a 5 1/4" brag book, an accordion style book, and a squash book with a Christmas theme.

All 3 books use different holiday paper, and have different styles, so that they could easily be given to people who know one another. Last year I made a bunch of these books with photos of my daughter to give to grandparents, godparents, aunts and uncles.

They were the hit of the holiday gifts last year. People have enough "stuff" this is an inexpensive, personal gift that really lets people know you are thinking of them and helps keep people up to date with recent events. My brother in law actually said that it will go with the Christmas decorations and he wants another this year, so he'll get to see her grow and be able to look back every year. Isn't that cool? Last year, I showed our holiday... going to pick out the tree and so on.

This year, I will probably do it as more of a life update. It seems I never get to sit down with family just to catch up. Life is so busy! So I'll probably show a photo from swimming lessons, preschool and so on.

This second picture is the inside of the squash style book. These are so much fun to make and very impressive to receive!


Beate said...

Wonderful little squash books. Love them! What a great thing you are doing with the card donation. I am glad you had so many people send you cards.
Have a great weekend
Hugs and smiles

Kerry D-C said...

wowzers! these are fab!!