Monday, September 8, 2008

Tami White's Event ~ Presentation on things to do with crystal effects

This weekend, I presented at Tami White's demo only event.
Glenda Travelstead did an awesome presentation about things we can do as demonstrators to help our businesses. I found myself writing like a mad woman so I would remember everything she said. It was that great!
So, This is the best photo I got of me.. Many have asked how it went. Everyone says I did good...
I got nervous and felt like I was tripping over my own words. I was shaking and couldnt paint my crystal effects image.. So silly... I did manage to get out about 70% of what I had planned to talk about. So, that's good, right?? LOL
I also did a really awesome document, which features many ways to use crystal effects. You can download my document here! Happy Monday!


Carol Matthews said...

Hey Selene - this is an excellent 'Inspiration Sheet'! May I hand it out to my customers? I'll make sure your name is attached (along with your photos!)
Thanks for sharing - it helps me personally too.