Thursday, September 18, 2008

Guess Whoo Loves You

Okay, over the top mom is at it again. I saw an Owl online on Sharon Field's blog and just HAD to make one for my daughter going to school.
I sent it with apples instead of candy.
Alexis told me that it makes her feel special to get a pretty snack going to school. Guess I lost my mind a bit. I made a handle on the top and attached it to the bag with dimensionals so it can be reused. I've already gotten comments from the teachers aids that they love my "pretty snacks" LOL I don't care about all that, as long as my little angel feels special.


Patti Chesky said...

Of course she feels special!!! This is SO awesome!!! Way cool mom!!

Maria Williams :) said...

what a great idea putting apples instead of candy!!i know i would feel special if i got one of these in my lunches!!! these are too cute!! i cannot wait to get mine die!

carolm said...

very very cute selene! i would feel special too.

~ melanie said...

OMG! Too cute. All my poor daughter gets is a napkin with a note written in sharpie marker!