Wednesday, September 3, 2008

More about Robin!

Did I mention that Robin was the NUMBER ONE rising star demonstrator in the United States in 2007? This year, Robin placed 82nd out of 49,000 demonsrators and I think those are AMAZING accomplishments. With all that being said.... Let's get back to her projects!

The photo for the "party hearty" card, doesn't do the card justice. There is dazzling diamonds on that balloon. I love how simple but AWESOME that her designs are!

The snowflake card contained her private note to me. I love how simple this is! Repeat after me... It does NOT need to take two hours to make a card! It took me a few years to realize that!

I think my favorite of all the cards is the friend card. I love the kiwi kiss and tangerine tango colors together, and I really love the doublesided kiwi kiss taffeta ribbon. It's double sided, so on one side it's vanilla and on the other, kiwi kiss!


Jill St. Angelo said...

That is great about Robin. I love the cards.

carolm said...

robin's work is awesome!

two hours to do a card? you are so funny.

xox ~ carol.