Tuesday, August 12, 2008

To Slack or Not To Slack

I was told today that I'm a blog slacker! I say to her... Yep, you're right! Sorry about my extended online absence. I have no excuse, i'm just a slacker! LOL (but you already knew that!)

So ~ moving Right along. I needed something to put my spectacular gift in, right? So I made a box. I just took a 12 x 12 piece of card stock scored it evenly on all sides and made a box. To make it tall, i cut some 12 x 12 down to 3 x 12 and ran two pieces all the way around the box. Plus I used a TON of sticky strip.

The top, is just scored 1 inch all the way around and assembled.

I love the EASY stuff, and this doesnt get much easier. Keep in mind that the middle part of your box topper has to be slightly larger, so the measurement is slightly smaller on the cover. Clear as mud?

So now onto the cute gift bag. Stampin' Up! has these cute little bags in the back of the book, and with a simply scrappin kit, they are super simple to decorate!


Robin Merriman said...

Well, for a slacker these are just stinkin' cute! xo!