Sunday, August 31, 2008

Spooky Spider ~ New Decor Elements Preview

When I was away for convention, I visted the home office and they had many examples of what we can expect for phase 2 of the home decor line of products. They even let us order one of our own!

This took all of two seconds to put on the jar. In fact, finding a jar large enough was the toughest part. I ended up finding it in target.

I was thinking that I need a peice of designer series paper to sit on the inside of the jar, before I put my candy in. It's not THAT spooky with all the candy inside. :)


carolm said...

i love my spider jar too. he's just so cute!!!

my jar came from target also, but has a glass lid. (i also saw the same jar in "the container store" in the chicago burbs. for inquiring minds it is a two gallon jar.)

i love sunflowers! they're so cheery!

xoxo ~ carol.