Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Independence Day

BIG Surprise!!!! I'm up until 2 am again.. How come I can never seem to wind down at night? Well, tonight it was because I was stamping. I was supposed to stamp with my friends from the TILL group today, and they had a wonderful package coming that I had to grab and was afraid to leave it in the drizzle.

So ~ my hubby is working from home tomorrow, and I'm headed into work there for a few hours. I don't know if I should really call it work, you know about what they say when you love what you do?

Twice monthly I work with some very wonderful special needs folks making a project, or decorating their rooms. It's very fun for me just seeing the smiling faces when I arrive. They all know that I'm there to "do crafts" and when I leave, I feel really good about my day.

This time we're making a 4th of july card. I've prepped out things that would be hard for many in the program. They are all adults, but have capabilities ranging from ages 0-6. It is a special place. They are really beautiful to watch and I'm sure they're watching me right back!

So tomorrow we're rolling (wheeling), and stamping I'll be helping them punch and get their focal point together, then they will place their own elements. By having the bows predone and stuck to glue dots on wax paper, they get to do the fun part! Who doesnt love the instant gratification of a simple, yet beautiful creation when it's finally put together. Wheeling is new to them, I'm really looking forward to tomorrow.

It's been a long day for me... It's raining here.. and all I can think is that the rain is washing today away... I'm looking forward to starting a new day tomorrow .

If you're reading my post... please try and take some time to do something that brings YOU joy today. Life is short ~ don't sweat the small stuff.

Tomorrow, I'll be totally Stamping 4 Fun!
Rubbah hugs,
Selene Kempton


Patti said...

Such a sweet card and what fun to help the special needs clients create it! You go girl!

Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

This is such a great project ... and so lovingly prepared by a kind and generous and giving person! Thanks for the life lesson, Selene ... I am off to find something wonderful to do! Hugs Andrea xx