Sunday, February 19, 2012

Carter Clements Fundraiser ~ February 26th

Good Afternoon Friends!

Recently I heard about my good friend Jeanie Clements son Carter.  Carter was in a horrible car accident and from what I understand, the road to recovery is going to be a long one.

There is going to be a fundraiser to help the Clements family a little bit while Carter is in recovery.  I can't quote my buddy Curtis Knight exactly (Owner and Founder of Curtis Knight Entertainment), whom I spoke with this morning, but he said something close to ~We're not going to be able to raise a million dollars or help them retire, but we'd like to help them a little bit while they are in need. ~ Indeed Curt!  Let's try to help!

First ~ I want you to know how committed I am to helping Jean!  I am putting out a $100 gift certificate to Stampin with Selene in the form of products, classes, or services.

 I'll be delivering this gift certificate to Curtis later today.  Want to win $100 credit with me?  It's easy!  Head on over to the fundraiser for Carter on Sunday, Feb 26th!  I'll be there and waiting to spend some time with you. There is going to be a LOT of talent there that day!  For all the details click here.

Here is a picture from the Lowell Sun Newspaper who recently did an article on part of Carter's story.  Here's a link to the article.

 Jean has ALWAYS been an inspiration to me personally.  Most recently, she VOLUNTEERED as our DJ at the yearly Stamp Out Breast Cancer fundraiser that we do.  She didn't get anything, and just came and volunteered her time.  But that is just one example on the impact that Jean has had on me.  When I was much younger, Jean helped me start my 6 year career as a DJ and Karaoke host for Curtis Knight.  I really loved my job, and left after a car accident made it difficult for me to carry the equipment. She remained so supportive.

Eleven years ago, Jean was the most wonderful DJ a Bride could ever wish for at my wedding to Brian.  Over the years, Jean and I would meet for lunch when Alexis was small and we remained friends all these years.  I treasure her friendship and am lucky to know her.  She is kind and generous and has a nice word for everyone she meets.

Now that she's in need I feel compelled to do something to help and honestly wish I was in the position to do more.  If you are interested in contributing to help (even a $1) here is a link to the donation site. 

If you'd like to come hang out with me, I'll be there early on the 26th and will hang out till they close it down. Knowing Curtis and Anna is organizing the show, the entertainment will be well thought out, organized and second to none! 

I hope you can make it.  Let's have a party and raise some money for Jean!  You could win $100 Gift Certificate of stamping supplies!

Selene Kempton
Creative Coach


Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

I can hear the warmth and love you have for Jean in your post. I do hope your fundraising efforts are successful! Hugs xxx