Thursday, August 20, 2009

How about some fun with Captain Silver!

My husband mentioned that he bought his good friend Simon a bottle of Captain Silver for his 50th birthday. Simon loves that drink, and it's not available where he lives, so we picked some up at the New Hampshire State Liquor store.

He asked me to make a card that would be appropriate.. Instead, I giggled inside my head and came up with this tag...

I know this set is retired, but there are about 8-10 sets, I will never part with. I imagined myself making pirate and princess invites with this one.. not a tag for a bottle of captain morgan rum for someone turning 50, but how fun is that??

The bottom layer (in silver ~ get it??) is 4x3 and I used a punch to make it into a tag. I stamped and water colored the image, then used some of the new platinum shimmer paint that will be available in the upcoming mini, to paint the silver parts! The new paint is so much fun to work with!

I used some leather strapping used for making necklaces to attach it to the bottle.. After all, I wanted it to be a little manly.


TABray said...

Too cute, Selene. I bet he loves it.

Margaret said...

Just passing through your blog and I seen this post! I LOVE it!! I did the same thing for a friend who turned 50 this year - bought him the biggest bottle of Captain Morgan(reg) they sell - he loved it not to mention that his cousin designed the Capt Morgan Logo based on my friend when he was 15 yrs old -so it really meant a lot to my friend when he opened his gift - I made a "so your getting OLD" huge tag for the bottle - figured his sight may be going at this age - but I love your ahoy matey tag!