Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Featured Artist ~ Regina M.

I'm so sorry that I have been MIA since convention, with regards to my blog. Truth is, I don't travel well, and it takes me a few weeks to recover. I still am not feeling inspired by my craft room, so I'm spending today, cleaning it, with hopes that my space will help me to start to feel inspired again.

I have a few projects that I'm working on with the build a bear things that are coming, but they are not ready. However, I attended a meeting last night at my upline Katherine's home and I saw a project there that I just had to share.

Before I get started, I feel the need to share... I feel totally blessed to have such an amazing group of women to work with. My team of demonstrators may not all be "business builders" they may not all be "just hobby demo's who want the discount", they're are all variations in between. No matter where we all stand with business, it doesn't matter. They are first and foremost my friends. We are all bound together by the love of scrapbooking and stamping, but it is my privilage to know them as teachers, mentors and confidants. Each have their own strenghts and together, it is a beautiful thing to watch. Without them and my awesome customers, I would not be afforded the opportunity, to have a small business from my home, while I raise my daughter at home.

I know that I am doing what I am supposed to be doing, at the right time, and with the right company. Thank God for them and for you.

With that said Regina Maginnis is one of those talented women. Always a kind word for everyone, she is patient and awesome, and I'm proud to know her. She works full time, and her husband stays home with the children. She has 3 boys and still has time to stamp! She pulled this beauty out of her bag last night and EVERYONE oohed and aahhhed.. She did say that she was inspired by something she saw on line but didn't know where it was she saw it.

At convention Gina won this set via the prize patrol. (and i'm so happy she did, because now i need it). Isn't this stunning??

Gina, thanks for sharing your talent, and for being such a great person and friend.


Andrea Walford said...

This is a beautiful card! I hope that you feel some inspiration from it! We all have these times!

Robin Merriman said...

This is a beautiful card from a beautiful person! I'm so thankful for my special "nurse"! Please tell Gina that I'm no worse for the wear and healing nicely!
Big hugs to you both!

Nancy said...

Love the card! It was great to meet both of you at convention.

katou said...

Waoohhh,what a gorgeous card.
I like it so much.
Thanks for the nice comment on my blog.