Monday, June 23, 2008

Got my Decor Elements today!

How Psyched am I??

Well, I received the package at 3pm and I've already completed one project. I can't imagine I'll ever want to take the flourishes down. They are perfect for this frame and wall behind the frame.
I can only say that I'm shocked at how easy these are to apply, and I can see that if I ever DID want to remove the flourishes, that it wouldn't harm my wall at all!

I just had to share these photos and there will be MANY more to come. I think there's a trend starting!
What a great way to make this picture stand out a bit and add that "home like" feel that I wanted when I hung this picture. This picture is very special. It came from my aunt who lives in London and it was a wedding gift. Adding the flourishes really makes it special in this corner of my kitchen. I have recessed lighting and there is a light that shines on it. It looks AWESOME! Please let me know what you think!
This second photograph is a close up of the wall where I was able to overlap the images. SO SIMPLE! I'm addicted!
Finally, I wanted to show that I also applied it to the glass. It seems like adding the "flower image" to the glass really ties the flourish together. It's not just the flourish, and a picture. It makes it more of one thing. Am I making sense? Probably not, but I LOVE IT!! I just wanted to share.


Elizabeth (FLMommyof2) said...


They look fantastic! I can't wait to put in my order! TFS!


carolm said...

like the wall! a visual is much better than reading a description.

xoxo ~ carol.