Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Chipboard Frame Tutorial

When I was away on my trip to Bermuda, I saw this project at the project share. I do not know who the original artist is, but it is beautiful! If you are or know the person who designed this project, please contact me so I can give proper credit.

Anyway ~ It is a 9 1/2” square scrapbook page ~ mounted to a piece of our large book chipboard.

I thought, how fabulous! Now I can display scrapbook pages in a “framed” format. Except, I needed to figure out a way to mount a stand of some sort. What else but more chipboard popped in my head.. here’s what I did.

1. I designed some pages of my own.

2. Cut a piece of chipboard from the smaller book kits. It measures 5 x 7 ½. I cut 2 inches off the long end to make a nice sturdy stand. The finished peice will be 5 x 2 inches. Stampin' Up's Table Top paper cutter, cuts the chipboard like butter.

3. Next, With a hobby blade and mat, slice your chipboard at the 4 inch mark, leaving a one inch section .
4. Apply crystal effects to that one inch section.
5. Line up where you would like the frame to stand and attach the back.
6. Lay it flat to dry. And use your finger to support it for one minute. You may add a little extra crystal effects to the part that you cut with the hobby blade for stability. Note: At this point I also added crystal effects to the line that folded out. this will make sure that your frame stand wont move or break.

Enjoy your homemade frame/Scrapbook Art! This one is going to my husband for his desk. It's a photo of my daugher on dress up night during our Stampin' Up! cruise to Bermuda.


Cynthia said...

ok, this project is so stinkin cute!!! You are quite an artist......can i borrow your idea? :)