Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Stampin' with my girl

It's been a stressful couple of years when it comes to me, staying at home and still being able to contribute to my family and what they need.

Sometimes, it all weighs a little heavy and I've been feeling it especially these past few weeks. Today, escaped with my girl for some much needed stamping time. I'm thankful for my stamping business that gives me a way to give back to my family, but for the past couple of years, it's just not cutting the mustard.

I'm still trying to find a creative way to earn her tuition, for the school she loves and deserves. It is what it is. I guess it's time to get a bit more creative! Alexis at 7 years old wants to be in and around everything crafty, electronic, and fun! If I want t know what colors are in style, I just take a look at her latest wardrobe, because (thanks to her memere) she's just a little fashionista!

A chip off the old block, she loves her stamping! Can you blame her? Today, I let her use "mum's good paper snips" and she did REALLY well! Guess she's getting old enough to have some fun with dear old mom in the studio! :D

So let's get started! First ~ I just LOVE the sketch challenge over on split coast stampers today! Here's the card Alexis made! She did pretty good cutting out her hot air balloons considering it was the first time I let her use the "big girl snips".

Ooops, I think that banner ended up, upside down... but she didn't notice! hey, look at that scissor work! I was very impressed at her handling the self adhesive rhinestone brads.

Alexis showed me very carefully how you put your finger on top of the rhinestone you want to pick up and gently slide the snips under the adhesive (that's under the rhinestone) until it sticks to the tip of your snips. Gheesh! I think I may have a potential recruit sign up during Sale-A-Bration. She's got me sold! :DStep 2 of applying the rhinestone is to use the tip of the snips to place the rhinestone where you want it, put your finger on top and pull the scissors out! Thanks for the tutorial little one! :D My girl is growing up so fast!
"Okay now mom! Take my picture with MY CREATION!! You know this is the best card I've ever made.... You know WHY MOM?? Because WE made it TOGETHER! How lucky are we to be able to spend time together like this?"

Mom will be back in a minute! I need a tissue!
Yea.. she gets "IT" This is her concentrating look while she assembled the card.. "Mom, I'm gonna need some snail over here!"

Yes you are my dear! :D

Finally, here's the very clean and simple creation that I made, with my daughter's posted above. She's so cool, I just had to share. For me, this is what it's all about. :D

She started her own card bin of cards to have on hand so that she'll have one to send out if she needs it. Wait a minute! I think that means she's officially better than me! Proud mama moment...

We went a little crazy with the bling on this, but we had fun. :DThat's it for tonight!

Rubbah hugs,
Selene Kempton


Soozie4Him said...

Oh Selene, you got me all teared up now! Stampin' with your daughter - what can be better! She looks so proud - and she SHOULD be! Never would've thought those balloons were cut out by a paper-snip-newbie! And maybe she should have her own You Tube channel for teaching little tips like getting those rhinestones on the card! My girlies are grown up, but I'm the proud Grammy of 4 little girls, ages 3.75, 2.5, 10 months and 8 months. I've done a bit of stamping with the older two, but it's still a VERY supervised activity!! Take care and God bless!

Susan, aka Soozie4Him on SCS
moot96 AT aol DOT com

Shannon Angel said...

Great card! (Yours) But Alexis'... Pure Fabulosity!

I'm not sure what you mean by upside down, I see banners floating in the same breeze that's lifting up those amazingly cut out hot air balloons, which I'm sure is exactly how she intended it to look, the artist that she is.

Thanks so much for sharing this precious moment with all of us.

LeAnne said...

Both cards are wonderful, but the time you spent together is the BEST! TFS! I hope my granddaughter likes to stamp because I couldn't get my DD interested at all!

Vicky W said...

Beautiful cards Selene. Your card is very lovely Alexis & you put me to shame. Hope you create more & your mum shows them to us....

Rose said...

Hi Selene, your daughter is adorable and I am impressed with her creativity. Excellent cutting work, beats most of my lady friends, great layout and the bling is so girly. My daughter is 30 and we started stamping together when she was about five. She helped me get my 300/500 cards I used to take to conventions. She loves the coloring which suits me fine. Thanks for reminding me of stamping with my daughter when she was young!