Tuesday, October 8, 2013

10/8 Stampin' Up! ~ Why I joined Stampin' Up and Started my own business and how it's changed my life

Good Morning Friends!

When I saw that you can sign up to be a demonstrator for only $25 for the next two weeks, I was totally shocked!  It's a really great deal.. Pick out between $25 and 26.95 in merchandise, and pay $25 and you will own your own business like me!

I don't always share the personal details from just me.. I like to keep it about the projects, but given the spirit of a 25 year celebration, it made me think about my journey as a demonstrator.   

When I started out, I signed up because I got a discount on all these amazing supplies that I wanted anyway.  I was making thank you's for my friend Lisa and I was able to get all the supplies for her wedding and shower thank you's at a 20% discount.  My hubby was best man in their wedding and that was the most personal, special gift I could think to do.  What happened next I never expected!

I got home, and my hubby said "You love people and you want to have people around.  You miss your friends from where you grew up.  You have a brand new baby.  You're an artist!  This should be your business!" 

I thought he was absolutely NUTS!! I didn't consider myself to be a sales person.  The fact is, I still don't.  The blessings and rewards that followed me just following my heart and sharing what I love started to fall into place.  I was meeting new friends, and their friends and it blessed my life over and over.

That first year, I shared my passion with everyone I knew.  Had a really budding team of ladies because I thought it would benefit them more to have their own discount!  I had no idea that having a team would help me personally.  I had no idea that I would have friends all over the world who share in my same passion.  Boy, did those friendships change my life forever!

It was here through the toughest times, through the great incentive trips, and it has helped me LITERALLY change the lives of people around me by gathering together and building each other up.  Celebrating one another, triumphs and tragedy... and it's all better because we have each other.

More recently, my focus has been on helping my team.  Those who I've been working with one on one have been finding their own blessings and changing lives and it is just beautiful to watch!

During that process it has also benefited me personally.  Yes, I do not make a million bazillion dollars per year, but I do add to my family income and I am able to help with tuition for my beautiful daughter Alexis.  That is ONLY possible because of support from all of my customers who place orders with me and for my AMAZING team of demonstrators who build each other up.  Fight to raise money for worthwhile charities.  Think of others and selflessly give themselves and their love for crafting out to those who respond and love them back!

I am not a corporate mogul, but I am a business owner.  And my BEAUTIFUL, strong business has allowed me to be here when my daughter needs help with homework, a ride to dance class and anything else.  That time spent is something I am most grateful for. My sweet husband works about 1 1/2 hours from the house so I am able to be here and pick up the slack while spending time with amazing women.  A job doesn't get better than that!

So here are the reasons why I have my business below:  Aren't they awesome??

If you have ever thought about starting your own business using the best products on Earth, now is your shot!  No minimums to meet until March, but there's a pretty sweet deal when you put in your first order we can talk about if you like.  No.Pressure.Ever.

If you are interested in starting your own business or rejoining my team here's what you can expect:

  • $25 starter kit!  (wow!) free business supplies
  • 30% your first workshop order (minimum $150 retail)
  • Friendship and Fun
  • Access to the Stamper's with HeART private facebook group, who do their best to love and support one another.
  • Optional one on one calls with me (1/2 hour) monthly to help you develop your business plan
  • Incentives and rewards for growth and advancement

I would LOVE to welcome you into our Stampin' Up! family!  Click here for a short video from Shelli, and to sign up today if you are interested.  Note!! Click the Gray Join Now button if you are looking to get your kit!  This special ends in LESS than two weeks on October 21st.

If you have questions, you can email me at this link!

Much Love,

Selene Kempton


carolm said...

great story, selene. i love the friendships i made as a demo also . . . and still do. xox

Christine Crutcher said...

You rock girlfriend! So happy to know you. :-)