Friday, May 18, 2012

Primrose Petals For My Mom SSC 256

Good Evening Friends!

I made this card last week for my mom.  I decided to follow the stamping 411 sketch, as I love using sketches as a jumping off point for cards.

This year for mothers day, my brother Paul & I decided to go in on a mutual gift.  He sent me his part of the gift and I made a card from my family and him and his girlfriend.  I wanted this one to be just right.  Even my daughter Alexis was wow-ed with this one.  She's my best critic.  Since I wanted this one to be for my mom, in my mom's style, it makes my heart happy to get this one right. 

If you looked around my mom's house, you'd see the color "dusty rose" everywhere.  When I looked at primrose petals I thought to myself, "yea, this is my mom's color!"  In fact, the couch in her living room is is pretty much these two colors.  With the trending vintage style, this color set is certainly going to fit the trend.

This was a true labor of love.  I started with some shimmer white card stock and stamped my leaves with soft suede.   Soft Suede is an AWESOME alternative to green.  It's a brown that is sort of in the green family, but it's not.  it really works here.

For the primrose layer, I used the "Double Boss" technique.  First, I stamped a background stamp, then I embossed that layer with the tulips embossing folder.  I sponged the tulip frame with primrose ink, then I embossed the same layer again with a different embossing folder (vintage wallpaper).  The result is so pretty! 
To make the bow, I cheated!  I made loops and captured the loops in the middle with my brad.  Then I took a pair of paper snips and busted a hole in the card right by the stem of my flower.  I opened the brad in back of the soft suede layer.

Then, I attached a pearl to the top of the brad.  I had a sheet of pearls leftover, and added random sized pearls to the center of my flower, grouping them together.  it's such a pretty addition to this card, and on top of the shimmer white, it's so breathtaking! 

When stamping the flowers, this is a two step stamp.  I stamped off with the first image on a piece of scrap paper.  Then added the top image by stamping with the color full strength.

The sentiment read, "for my wonderful mother".  Well, I was going to omit "for my" because this card is from 5 people.  When you omit the words, the word wonderful ended up in an odd place.  So I stamped wonderful first, then stamped mother underneath after cleaning the stamp. 

Finally, here are the measurements:
Base: Shimmer White 11 x 4 1/4", scored and folded in half at 5 1/2"
Layer 2: soft suede 5 1/8" x 3 7/8"
Layer 3: Primrose Petals 5 x 3 3/4"
Layer 4: Soft Suede 2 1/2" x 3 7/8"
Layer 5: Shimmer White 2 3/8" x 3 3/4"
Layer 6: A 3/4" strip of shimmer white, stamped and cut with a square punch to make the "V" in the end.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Rubbah hugs,
Selene Kempton


Welcome to my Stamping Blog! said...

Absolutely beautiful!!!

StampAcademy said...

Stunning, Selene!!!

Janet Kay said...

This is gorgeous!! What a wonderful card for your mother! :)

Janet Kay

Erna said...

WOW! Abslolutely Stunning!!!!

Tammy Fite said...

WOW!! LOVE THIS ONE! it's all so pretty!

LeAnne said...


Mary Davidson said...

Absolutely lovely, Selene! I need to try the Double Boss technique!

irishgalkelly said...

Fabulous Selene! What a wonderful way to honor your mother than a card in "her" color and style. I've never done the double bossing before...will need to give that one a try sometime.

craftystamper said...

Fabulous colors and since they are your mother's colors the card is that much more special. You rocked this card.

Ret said...

Selene, this is absoutely gorgeous. I love everything about it and I'm sure your Mom will too!! I have been trying to figure it out & can't, what background stamp did you use? Love it so much!!!

Hi, I'm Lee Conrey! said...

I cannot say enough about this card.....simply gorgeous!