Sunday, September 23, 2012

More info about our Stamp Out Breast Cancer Event

My good friend Tami has made an awesome video that I want to share with you this morning!  It shows some of the GRAND Prizes for our event!

If you haven't done it already click here and go to our Making Strides Site.  When you give to the team member "Event Registration" not only will you be registered for the event, but you'll get the customer directions for the great cards shown on the right!

Are you long distance and would like to support our cause?  Click here to donate to our general team.

Finally, If you are a demonstrator, and would like the CLASS PLANNER, I will donate all proceeds of the purchase of your class planner back to the charity.  Click here to see the details on that.  :)

Yeaaaa!!!  Stamping Out Breast Cancer one card at a time.