Thursday, November 26, 2009

Giving Thanks

Thanks for your support all year long. I appreciate you and your readership. I visit blogs, and so often, I don't know the person behind all the projects.

In addition to the friendships I have made as a result from stamping, here are a few people I'm thankful for. These photos were taken last week on my daughter's birthday.

I thought it might be fun for you to meet some of my family. God bless you all, and wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving.

My Daughter Alexis.
Alexis and Uncle Mike in the mall after her build a bear party
Grampy and Alexis
Daddy and AlexisAlexis and I

And Finally... Not the most flattering photo of me, but that is my brother in Law Mike and I doing our best monkey dance.. Happy Thanksgiving.
Rubbah hugs,
Selene Kempton


Karen Bernier said...

Cute pictures Selene!

Happy Thanksgiving!!