Monday, November 9, 2009

Class Quilt

A craft project came home this week with a sketch from school. It was on a piece of copy paper, and as a family, we were to decorate a square for a class quilt for my daughter's classroom.

We were to work as a family on our quilt piece and it was supposed to have all our names on it.

So, we sat down as a family, pulled out some retired paper and got to work.

My husband did the measuring and we all picked some of the patterns.

We all colored our own snowman and alexis turned the crank for the big shot pieces. I cut the paper and helped them to assemble the project.

It was really fun to sit down and do a craft project as a family. really cool!


Family Fun said...

I'm sure it was a big hit in the classroom. Great project and it came out looking fabulous.

carolm said...

it's wonderful. i love it and i bet alexis' was the best one in the class.


Jen Stewart said...

How Fun!!! You guys did a great job!

jaydee said...

Fabulous, Selene. The finished project - and imaging the fun you must have had - really made me smile!
thanks for sharing

Erna said...

What a funny project Selene!! I love what you did with your family together!!