Thursday, December 11, 2008

A remake and remake again

Life gives you lemons... well, you know the rest. This weekend I did a holiday craft fair up at the Rockingham race track. Walking through and seeing the faces of all the vendors, it was clear that that everyone was in the same boat. I decided that I would not have that "defeated face" that all the other vendors had, and I was going to sit and make something.

It was still a very good craft fair for me, I sold hundreds of handmade cards and I almost made my booth fee back.. What can you do?? (smile) & Make some more cards!

I did meet a few new stamping friends and scrapbookers, and THAT just makes life sweet! I brought a packet of supplies with me, some rubons and the supplies to make the card i did for the diva's. What's funny is, i think my favorite is the most simple, the one at the bottom with the circle. It's really funny how my tastes have changed as time goes on. I had a girlfriend say that to me the other day. I used to NEED a ton of layers to feel like a card was complete, and now, if it's cute, I run it.. It does not need to take 2 hours to make a card. Here's your proof:


sideoats + scribbles said...

Oh, I love them all!! I completely agree with you that a card should not take 2 hours...I'm guilty of doing that before tho, ha ha! :)

sari hänninen said...

thanx 4 commenting on my page - u asked what colours i used... i used watercolour pens - with a brush... first i wasn't sure it'd work - but i think it did... :-)

Jill St. Angelo said...

I love the cards!!! It just shows, if you can come up with one idea, there are several behind that one, all you have to do is just change something a little. Hugs