Saturday, December 6, 2008

Decorating The Jelly Jar

As many of you know I did the Rockingham fair today. There was not a lot of people there today, but I certainly had fun anyway. I brought plenty of crafts to work on. In fact I brought a paper ornament kit, that I've been meaning to try for months and was happy to finally sit down with it. The paper globes are gorgeous and caught the eye of many people coming by.

So, I'm sitting at my booth, and across from me are Kay and Jane from The Jelly Jar. They have several jellies that you can purchase and ship direct. My favorite is the Red Pepper Jam. First you put a little cream cheese on a cracker, then add the red pepper jam.. MY GOODNESS they are good. The red pepper jam reminds me of the one from tastefully simple that retired (now that i'm in love with it). I was so happy to meet Kay and Jane and make some new friends.

Not ONLY were their Jellies delicious, they are nice people! (which goes a long way). So, while playing with my kit, I made a quick, homemade bow with the strips of cardstock that are meant to make a globe ornament, I just liked the bows better. And the star ornament would add just the right touch to a gift/tag.

Interested in purchasing some really wonderful Jam? Come check them out tomorrow. I'm right across the street in section G1. or you can visit them online to place an order at Please tell them Selene sent you!

Finally, here's a photo of Santa and I in front of my booth. He promised that he was going to get me a some stamping supplies for Chrstmas, and as you can tell, I was psyched!


Dee Tollaksen said...

Oh, Selene, I also love the Pepper Jam from Tastefully Simple, and it isn't retired, they only offer it certain times of the year and I just ordered some yesterday at a Holiday Boutique. But I'll be checking out the Jelly Jar website! Thanks