Tuesday, July 1, 2014

7/1 Project Life Altered Album for Fathers day, Traveler Stamp set and Typeset Designer Paper, Fast Fuse and Cotton Trim. How to alter your album.

Greetings Stampers!

I am so excited to tell you a little bit about project life today.  While some of you know all about it, others might just like to know... what's that?

It's very simple actually.  Life is crazy, making your scrapbooks shouldn't be.  Instead of spending hours on one scrapbook page, Project Life by Stampin' Up helps you get it done in quick order!  There are a variety of products including this album which I am going to show you how to alter.  I made this album for my hubby, to document our recent trip to the Caribbean.  He was so happy, he cried!  What I didn't tell him was that the whole thing, including altering the album took less than 3 hours from start to finish!  

So here's what the album comes like.  It doesnt come with page protectors, and for good reason!  For the 12 x 12 version of this album, there are 3 different types.  So you pick exactly the ones you want.  For this album I put together I ordered one album, 2 sets of page protectors, and the happiness is Project Life card collection and accessory packs.  Whew!  

So here's my album, it SCREAMED "Alter Me!!!" 

So, first i measured the open space on the front of my album.  I only wanted to cover the crumb cake colored side of my album.  Here's the measurements I got.  8 11/16 x 6 1/2, then I cut two pieces perfectly (for the inside) and two a little big so I could "wrap my book" nicely. 
 Next, I grabbed my fast fuse and got to work.  I added a rectangle of adhesive going all around the front cover, then smoothed my larger piece of DSP (designer paper) to the front of the book.
Once you get the designer paper glued in place, cut the corners at an angle like this!
Next, add some fast fuse to the edges of the card stock then put bend them in
Once you have it all stuck down tight, just add some fast fuse to the piece that is cut to size and it's good to go!  I just repeated the process with both sides of the cover.. Took maybe 10 minutes. 

The seam looked perfect and i didnt need to add anything else. but I decided that i wanted some ribbon down the front seam of my book.

Heres where the seam met in the front.  
Here's the front cover pages.

 And one happy girl that she had an AWESOME gift for daddy!
Simply put, Project Life by Stampin Up and Becky Higgins is meant to make your life easier.  Spend more time creating memories, and less time documenting them.  These albums are BEAUTIFUL and the way they help you quickly preserve your photos is well... priceless!  

Here's a photo of the finished album.

and a select number of pages... there were quite a few! 

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Wilson Workshop said...

What a fabulous memory of a great trip. There are some wonderful pictures here too.
Great job - makes me want to redo my old scrap books.