Friday, April 13, 2012

A frame for Hellen and Claire

It's been an emotional week for me.  Among other things, one of my daughters friends from school had her house burn down over Easter weekend.

Those of you who know me probably know what happened next.. I am who I am.  We helped the family out with some clothes, and I started doing research for apartments for the displaced family.  As well, we found an organization in Lowell that helps people with recycled furniture.

Today ~ a stamping friend who wants to remain nameless sent me some money and I went down and got her a $50 gift card for the supermarket.  The anonymous donor reminded me that this family has NOTHING, no drier sheets, or cookware, toilet paper.. She encouraged me to do as much as I can for this family, and that I will.

Today~ i was supposed to meet with Claire's mom Hellen, and she's off meeting with her potential new land lord.  She mentioned if the apartment fits, she could move in TOMORROW!  Isn't that amazing?

So ~ for tonight's sketch challenge, I made them some artwork that they can hang in their new home until they have some more things.

I designed this primarily in my digital studio, printed it out, the mounted it to a sheet of cardstock.  I added ribbon and I was done.  I know I usually do measurements, but I didn't use any.  I love how MDS is MADE for me ~ the visual learner/user. 

If you get a chance this week, say a little prayer for Hellen and Claire that they end up better than before!

Rubbah hugs,


terriloo said...

This is a very lovely and thoughtful gift for their new home. When I was 13, my house burnt and I was displaced as well. My heart and prayers go out to this family. They already have some blessings in this--they have you and your daughter for friends.

StampAcademy said...

You are truly amazing! God Bless You!!!

Tammy said...

You're so sweet to always help out!

Ps. I love your framed art, and so will they!

Hi, I'm Lee Conrey! said...

Oh so clever Selene. Love it and so will they.