Monday, February 13, 2012

Tutorial and Class Planner!

Hi Everyone!

Boy, am I excited and a little nervous to share today!  I have spent over a month and a half working on my very first class planner/tutorial.

For years, I've been purchasing a class planner once monthly from another demonstrator.  When she stopped doing them, I stopped offering them and my customers are missing the fun "cards with a box" style classes.

 So that left a bit of a gap in my class schedule.  I decided that there are probably lots of folks demonstrators like me who would benefit from someone taking the time to design, plan, and document a class from soup to nuts.  So, I got to work.

First, for my customers.  This planner is available in it's raw form for $12.95.  It's also FREE from me as a gift with any $50 merchandise purchase through my online store.  You would just go to my online store, and place an order, then email me and I'll send you your directions.  So, this set of directions is for my customers and has my watermarks all over it.  :)  (just sayin)

The second type of offering is for demonstrators.  In addition to the 36 page "how to" like my customer receive, you'll get the directions with no demonstrator names or watermarks.
You'll get a demo planner that shows the cost breakdown per person, with suggestions on running this in a class, what to charge, a watermark free photo for your advertising (which I respectfully request that you use "offered by" instead of "created by" when advertising).  Plus, a bonus!  You'll get an 8 page word doc, that has each card in its entirety on a one page printable sheet.  The second page for each one is an individual shopping list for the back, that is specific to that project only.   So, demonstrators using these projects can customize the word doc with their own name.  Then, prep, print and run to the workshop.  I really think this will be an especially helpful feature to the class.

Well that's all of it except for one thing!  I promised 3 people the class for FREE!!  So ~ by random number generator here are the winners!

GAZ said...Your group is going to have a fantastic time with your projects. I would LOVE to be one of testers for your kit. I just became a demonstrator but haven't held any workshops..just a hobbyist I think. Stamping a little for about 2 years. Thanks for all you share and for the chance to win this great opportunity. Glenda

irishgalkelly said...
Hi Selene! What cute cards and project! Thank you for a chance to win. I'm a customer (tossing around joining in the fun) and I've been stamping for 12 years.

Vonnie said...
Hi what a lot of work you put into this class! I am a demo and signed up the very first time I stamped. So it has been almost 10 years.
Thanks for the chance to get this great work of yours!

If these are your comments, you've won the planner!  Please email me at and I will send you the files!

The class for demonstrators is $17.95 and includes 4 files.
The planner, a demo guide, photos for advertising the class & The Workshop Sheets

For Customers ~ They are available as a download for $12.95.  Please note** these files have my copyright all over them.  
If you are a demonstrator, for $5 more, I will help you with cost analysis, a word doc to customize these cards for your next workshop, advertising and my watermark or links will not appear on the file.
I'm so very excited about this new chapter in my stampin up business.  I look forward to serving you.
Kindest Regards,
Selene Kempton


pcgaynor said...

Tried to purchase this by hitting the buy button but it does not work. It does not link me to anything once you hit it. I will try later on today but thought you should know. Thanks and thanks for doing these as I miss the lady that used to do them too. Glad you picked it up.

Selene Kempton said...

Isnt that the way! Well, I "fixed" the links.. LOL Told ya I was new at this. The documents are wonderful. I hope you enjoy the class!

re-smile said...

These are adorable - congrats & best wishes on your new endeavor!
Heather Sewczak

Kathy said...

Wow you have put a lot of work into your planner -What an accomplishment in your business. These projects look like fun spring/summer theme-I'm sure you will be very successful with selling these moving forward to warmer weather. As soon as I resign up to be a demonstrator again ( taking a break) I will definately be ordering.

Paper Potter said...

Selene, no reason to be nervous ... this is a really outstanding design! I'm thinking about doing this for my struggling downline so they just would relax! We'll talk about this Wednesday based on March's article in Stampin' Success. And then I'LL be the one nervous about my tutes! LOL Blessings, Celia

irishgalkelly said...

Hi Selene!

Many thanks for your generosity! I'm thrilled to win and excited to use this step by step. I can see you haven't forgotten a thing, very detailed and easy to follow instructions. Thanks so much!