Monday, April 4, 2011

My Digital Studio Updates and Hybrid Project Share!

Good Afternoon Stampers!!

There is some exciting news from Stampin' Up! Yet another FREE update with new projects available.. I found the information over on which I recommend you check out and join if you own your copy.. So you dont have to go looking, here are the downloads available.

**tip** MAKE SURE YOU DO THE 1.0.1 FIRST, then the 1.0.6 updates. :D I only did the first download and was confused why I didn't see the GORGEOUS project options below added to my copy of MDS!

Need your own copy of MDS? Click here to purchase it through my online store.

Updating your software:

  • If you have installed the initial update (version 1.0.1), simply click "Help" and select "Check for Updates" in the My Digital Studio software. The update will be performed automatically.

New Color Updates (Must be downloaded individually):



Also, I just saw this wonderful video from the Stampin' Up Home office and thought that I would share. First, a hybrid project, when you're talking about my digital studio, is a project that is started digitally, then finished with textile "toppings" or embellishments.

I really love doing this and have made many cards using a hybrid method. this one is really worth watching..

Have a wonderful day!!!

Selene Kempton