Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Custom Colored Paper

I designed these cool project for the Utah Divas blog and I had so much fun doing so. The first project (in black) is a #2 box from sizzix. I made two of them, sandwiched them back to back and punched a hole. Then, i used tombo multi purpose adhesive to stick the boxes back to back together.

To color the bands of bridesmaid paper, I took a sponge dauber and melon mambo ink and added it to the paper, it dries instantly! How fun are these??

And how cool are these little cups! I think the MOST important tip i can share about these is to remember to stick them together like they are a dixie cup. So you invert the bottom and there's a little ledge. I also overlap the score line on the cup and it makes the cup more solid.


Pam said...

What an awesome idea for that paper! Wow! I'm going to have to give that a try. Thanks so much!

Lisa Somerville said...

Beautiful projects Selene

Sue Burton said...

Selene- I love the coloring- on the Utah Divas' blog you said you said you overlapped the side of the Blossom and Bloom Basket- would you please explain further- I don't catch on so quick :-) thanks

Selene Kempton said...

Hey Sue ~ I overlapped where the sizzix machine scores the cup on the sides. If you assemble it so that it stops a the score line, the cup sometimes folds in half.... I hope that makes sense!