Monday, April 27, 2009

If glitter could heal ~ Kristina Werner color challenge

If only glitter could cure the sick, paper crafters would have the power to heal the world! I certainly would have enough glitter in my craft room to take care of most of the eastern coast of the US. I'm not sure where I have been, but I feel like I have missed a few of these fabulous color challenges from Kristina Werner.
This beautiful card is for a dear friends hubby. He has been going through some extensive chemo, dealing with sore throats, trying not to get sick, having dental problems in the middle of all of it and trying to keep his spirits up in the midst of all of that! I can't even imagine. Thank GOD he is on the road to recovery, and I think about their family a lot. Somehow when I'm making a card for the right person, for the right occasion, it seems to come together quickly for me. If I'm trying to just make "something" and there's no purpose.. I don't know it's just not the same. This one is a labor of friendship and love.
The layout is pretty simple. I cut some shapes and started playing. I laid the colors on top of my chocolate base and they just found their own home if that makes sense. I took two of the large fabric flowers from the pretties kit, and added a bit of red ink to the outside edges of the petals. One flower didnt seem like enough, you could see through it. Adding a second flower did the trick. I found this cute little image, again from the princess set i've never used until today and took the time to cut the pretty daisy flower out by hand. I used a push pin to poke a hole and added a yellow corderoy button/brad. I added ONE PIECE of glitter to that. (i know, i'm crazy) I used crystal effects and a push pin to adhere the glitter. Just pick up a little tear drop of crystal effects and drop it on any surface, then use your push pin to pick up the one flake of glitter you want to use. How's that for getting the most out of a jar of glitter???
The sentiment is "I hope you feel better" and I used a rubon for that on the front of the card, and in my own script writing, I wrote "Lots Better" on the inside of the card. If you dont know me, sometimes I have dorky reasons for doing something on a card. I used one piece of glitter to say "feel better" and added a gazillion pieces of glitter using a BIG BLOB of crystal effects and a boatload of glitter, for the Lots Better. Kind of like the "I love you THIS MUCH" thing.. I told you I'm a dork, but that's why those of you who know me well love me right?
Thanks to Kristina for another AWESOME color challenge. I think I need to go hand deliver this one tonight. I feel good about it and I hope it lift's Dean's spirits. If you think of it, while you are saying your prayers, say a little one for Dean and Michele that this will be just a quick blip on the computer screen of life and he will recover without a hitch ~ that would be awesome. Rubber Hugs to you all and thanks for visiting.


Karen B said...

I love what you did with the flower. Too cute!!

Butternut Sage Designs said...

simply beautiful Selene!