Monday, June 2, 2008

More Tile!

I just love stamping on Tile. This set of tiles was inspired by a sign at Broken Branch KOA Campground up in North Woodstock, NH.
My husband and I camp there with our daughter quite frequently, and they purchased a new sign last year.
First, I created the sky and ground and baked that in the oven. Next I stamped the bear (also in craft ink), touched it up with a paint brush and rebaked it in the oven. Thanks for visiting.


Jill St. Angelo said...

I love your tile. What a neat idea.

Kari said...

hey, I love your coasters/tiles...
So it says you baked them... neat idea...
I tired to do some tonight- they didnt turn out.
I was hoping that you could tell me what I did wrong.
I used classic Stampin' Up ink then I used a sprayed sealer and all the colors ran...
Should I Bake it first.. or should I use differnt ink??
Please could you let me know.
my email is