Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Why Wait?

Do you love to craft and find that you are spending a lot on your Stampin' Up habit?  

Hi Everyone!  Thanks so much for stopping by today!

I want to share something important with you.  My friend's sister sent me another generous order this month and I reached out to her because there is absolutely no reason that she shouldn't have her own discount.

First, the kit is $99 plus tax, NO SHIPPING (she lives in New Hampshire, so there's no tax there either)  You pick out $155 in merchandise  ~ Your choice whatever you want.

So that's like getting $56 free plus saving shipping is about another $15 for $155.  So you get All of that for $99!

Then, every single order you place you get 20% off (to start),  and that's it.

There's no penalty to drop.  If you reach $300 in sales by the end of the first full Stampin' Up quarter, you renew your demonstrator discounts and benefits for another quarter.  If you don't reach $300 in sales or purchases, you can "drop" with no penalty.

So ~ the next time you are placing a good sized order,  Please think about it.  I am here, and super grateful for your orders.  However, if you're spending a good amount and you are not a demonstrator, there's no reason you shouldn't have your discount!

Below is the reason I have chosen this path for the past 10 years (and my passion for crafting of course).  They are kind of cool, aren't they?  I'm home when my girl gets home from school and needs help with homework and coordinate dance schedules and so on.  My little craft habit turned into a way to pay for her tuition and crazy dance costumes.

Why Wait?

Click here to get your awesome deal. (it's the giant pink button, half way down the page)  Please email me with any questions at all.  This is my full time job and I'm here to help my team.

Still not sure?   Click above to read more about becoming a Stamper With HeART.