Wednesday, June 4, 2014

6/4 Gratitude Jar, MDS

Good Afternoon!

I have a few minutes here so I thought I'd share another project with you.. That's two in one day! Gasp!

This jar didn't take me too long to make today, but it's been in my studio since JANUARY earmarked for this project.  Guess I was just waiting for stampin up to come out with a 2" circle punch, which I received today!  

I typed up the "count your blessings" in My Digital studio and printed it on shimmer white paper.  It fit the brand new punch that arrived this morning, via Mr Brown with a big red sticker (for overnight delivery).  I couldn't wait to get my new goodies.  I have two stamping events left this week, and I want to make some samples!!

This is a very special project that I stamped for my best friend, to let her know how much I think about her.  I completed it with the first slip of paper for her jar with my gratitude for her friendship.  The idea behind a gratitude jar is, you write what you are thankful for and stick the papers inside the jar.

Then, when you're having a bad day, you can take all the slips out and remember what matters most.  I love that.  This one is a gift, but i'll be making a replica to sit in my studio so I can write all the things I am grateful for too, like YOU. 

Thanks so much for stopping by today!!


Selene Kempton
Stampin' Up! Creative Coach
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Anonymous said...

W onderful idea. I am going to make 5 of your Mason jar gratitude jars for a small group of ladies that are loyal customers.