Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hello from Convention!

Hello From Convention!

We had the most fabulous lunch at the Naked Fish Restaurant, across the street from our hotel.  It is a vegan restaurant (which we didnt know when we went in) but they had the most AMAZING rice bowls. 

It is so much fun spending time with friends here.  From Top left is Priscilla Grunes, Gery Benton, and Barbara Kuprfrian, then I'm on the bottom left and that's my Bestie, Gina beside me.  :) 

Tonight I'm headed to a My Digital Studio Class, and I have some MDS samples to swap if folks would like one!  :) 

It's a very simple card.  I actually purchased the template and changed the colors to match the projects at my workshops!  Well, I better run.  I'm off to a swap at 6:30 first!  So much fun with friends here at convention. 

I'll try to share a few more of my thank you cards that went out this week tomorrow!  ;)  
Rubbah hugs,

I'll share the sample below.  I used them as thank you's for purchases at workshops last month.  They matched the invitations I did in MDS as well.  :)