Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A journal Makeover ~ Leadership Review...

I am on the playground committee for my daughters elementary school, who are in desperate need of a safe playground. We are having a spaghetti supper next Thursday the 27th and there are several raffle baskets that we are putting together this morning with a bunch of the parents donating items for the baskets.

One of the baskets is "books and puzzles" and I was told it needed a few items.. So ~ I found this journal up on the shelf..... It had sticker stuff all over it and I started by cleaning it up with a little goo gone. Then I went and found a VERY old sizzix die that I have from FOREVER and a day ago! :D I made the cute pencil and used it to attach a bookmark onto the book.

I water colored the pencil front, and the eraser on the back.. Then I cut a piece of yellow cardstock and scored it, making the lines on the pencil.. The "my Journal" is my handwriting... Which I dont really love, but I think the whole thing together is pretty cute! The back of the pencil, I took twine and wrapped it around, to mimic the design on the book.. this will make a cute addition to the basket!


So many of you have been asking me to post pictures from leadership. Here are some of what I have.. Now, I know Connie was there... but I didn't get a photo with my camera of all the operators! Shame on me!!! I'm going to have to ask around..

Here's our crew...

Robin Merriman, Tiffany Bauer, Patti Chesky, Lee Conrey and me on the right
What a fine lookin bunch!

This is me and my buddy Sharon Armstrong just before managers reception.. She is such a sweet lady with the biggest heart! I am so lucky that we got to have lunch together this time around.
Did I mention that I saw some of the cutest swaps ever??
I'm not sure who made this, but I snatched a photo... So stinkin cute!!

The food was wonderful! Here is a salad with chicken for lunch... They did such a great job!
Here is Patti and me after we got our hats for managers reception..
We danced the night away, my feet were SORE the next day, but it was so worth it! Me and Patti again! :D

Then, Patti, Jenn Turoff and I
I think it's a given, that at every SU event, I end up crying like a baby! :D After Rich Jutkins made me cry with his moving speech, SU gave us some free product to share with our customers! How totally fun. I came home with a suitcase full of prizes!
This is me and my two roomies (so to speak) we had ajoining rooms at the raddison. So it was like having a two room suite! Oh what fun we had!

I'll have to look through my photos and see what else I have, but that's all for now!

Rubbah hugs,
Selene Kempton


Anonymous said...

I made the owl you took the picture of! LOL I was going through your blog and saw this today. This was my leadership and I had so much fun! - Mary R.