Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Card for the Troops Night THIS SUNDAY!!!

Mo's southwest grill is a hotspot for my family and I for FRESH south west style food, at prices we can afford. About a month ago, I noticed that they had no events on their community event board.

So we're taking our card night for the troops this month to Mo's!

Please be our guest and join us this Sunday night at 6:30. I have a whole bunch of card front (swaps) that were donated by my good friend Robin, to be remade into full size cards. I'm supplying everything to finish the cards.

I'm always looking for cards and card fronts to convert if you'd like to help us out! In addition, I'm always in need of envelopes! If you'd like to help, please send me an email at e.selene@verizon.net.

These cards will go right to the front lines, thanks to our friends at Helping Our Troops, Stoneham, MA. Click this link to check out their website.

This motorcycle card is most certainly going in the bin for the troops.. I'm sure there's a few people who ride motorcycles over there, that would be excited to see a card like this one. I made this for a recent swap that I was in with some very talented ladies.

We hope to see you at Mo's this Sunday night, May 2nd at 6:30 PM.. and don't be surprised when we hollar "welcome to MOOOOOooooooo's"

Oh ~ something else.. My team and I are meeting there at 5:30 for dinner first. If you'd like to join us, it's going to be a fun night out!


Kristina H said...

2 Things....
1) LOVE the motorcycle. My husband is always saying that he doesn't ever see "cool" scrapbook/card stuff with MC's on them. He will love this one.

2) Thank you so much for making cards for the troops!! They love it!!

Thanks for sharing!

Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

What a fun idea! And ... it is so lovely that you take the time to do this for the boys! Very kind and caring, Selene! I know that they will appreciate all the effort! Love the motocycle! Hugs, Andrea xxx