Thursday, October 2, 2008

Tips when removing/changing your decor elements

I got my new spooky spider Decor Element, and I wanted to add it to my truck window. I thought about putting it right beside this flourish, but I thought it would be too busy.

I learned that when removing decor elements, it's good to use the tool to start the removal, but once you get it going, you should use your fingers to pick the element up and pull it off your wall or window. In the places where I used the tool to remove the DE, there is some residue left on the window. The residue cleaned up with a little elbow grease and a clorox wipe, but I thought it was very interesting that when I pulled them off with my fingers there was NO residue left behind from the adhesive.

This decor element has been on my truck for many months. It has been through countless car washes, and did not move. Here's what i did last night at my friend Deb's first workshop as a demonstrator. I had my friend Leigh-Ann take the photos for me. Thanks Leigh-Ann!

First, I started removing the element with the tool. Once it's started, pick up those little pieces and pull them off with your fingers.

Next I was ready to clean my window. I just used a clorox wipe and then a paper towel to make sure it was good and dry.
With a clean window I decided to add my spooky spider to the window. I'm not sure if you can see it very well in the photo, but before I stuck the element to the truck for "keeps" i attached the extra, sticky paper to the window so i could back up and make sure it was lined up properly. I did this when I was putting the "create" one on the wall in my stamp studio too.
For this one I actually cheated a little. there are lines going across the window for the defrost, so I used those to make sure my little guy was straight. :)

Once the element was in the place I wanted, I used the applicator tool to smooth out any bubbles and apply the spider to the window. Once it was smoothed on, i peeled back one corner of the sticky transfer paper, and tight to the window, peeled it back.
I continued this same process to line up the spider's "string" until the string ended at the top of the window. Everyone was so excited standing there, they wanted me to go onto the paint. I'm not sure I'm ready for that. I really like being able to put them on the windows, and I think, for me, they should just be on the windows. These can be addictive like after you've had your first tattoo, you want another, and I dont want a tricked out truck covered in DE. I like just a little.
Like makeup, sometimes less is more. :) Have a terrific Thursday!


Kerry D-C said...

How cool is that?! I never even though of using them on windows...never mind car windows! Clever Girl!